Other visas

Other visas

Social visa

Purpose of Social visa is for non working purpose e.g vacation, family visit. Expatriate could not work at all. It is valid for 2 months and could be extended every months until 4 times extension.

Change sponsor from spouse to company OR from company to spouse
Expatriate has permit to stay in Indonesia named Kitas (Temporary Stay Permit) or Kitap (Permanent Stay Permit). While expatriate in Indonesia is using Kitas with company sponsor for business related otherwise spouse sponsor. Each sponsor has beneficial, it depends on purpose.

VoA Extension
VoA is visa that expatriate have when entering in airport Immigration, it is only valid for 1 month and for non-working purpose. VoA could be extended for 1 month. Therefore, expatriate could stay in Indonesia for 2 months

Permanent stay visa (ITAP)
Permanent stay visa (ITAP) is for expatriate who has temporary stay permit previously and could convert to ITAP. Expatriate should have kitas for 3 years and or also married with Indonesian people with minimum for 2 years with kitas card. Expatriate need to do extension next 5 years.

Kitas cancellation
After Expatriate close to Kitas expired thus expatriate should do Kitas cancellation (Exit Permit Only) and it should be submitted 7 working days before leaving Indonesia